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“You have been laid off Pls dont come to office from tomorrow, this was a phone call I received while meeting a customer”

posted on January 29th, 2019

As this person shared this with me, he broke down. “Why me? I was doing so well meeting all targets”

“This may not be anything to do with you” I shared with him, I felt really bad for him but I could do nothing.

It also got me thinking on what is the best way to layoff people.

Companies want to get rid of people quickly else they may make the environment negative. They may also want to cut losses quickly.

It is a tough call.

Lets assume you were the ceo, it was your company & you had no money to pay your employees. You either have to sell your personal assets (ex home) or layoff.

How would you do it?

How would you share with your employees?

How have you done this before?

How have you seen this happening?

Pls share your experiences

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