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“You are just another Brilliant Jerk You can be a Manager but never a Leader”

posted on November 17th, 2019

As my coach said this to me

My first reaction was quick denial

For years I had been like this & it had worked well for me.

I was highly competitive & successful in my career, would manage to go ahead of other people. Probably it was my insecurity of being a loser or failure that fuelled me to be like this.

I had the desire to win always.

I remember my son once said to me

“Dad why do you only play to win?”

Those words hit me hard like a slap on my face.

It was very tough for me to see others going ahead of me.

Strangely enough shortly after this I became an entrepreneur & failed miserably. I could see everyone going ahead of me and I was left far behind. My worst fear had come true. I became a laughing stock & a big Zero:)

It was the worst yet the best moment of my life.

I was humbled!

This is my story

What is yours?

Are you being a brilliant jerk?

Are you also scared of others going ahead of you?

Are you scared of failure?