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Wish you all a very Happy World Storytelling Day!

posted on March 20th, 2020

My journey as a Storyteller began 3 years back on Linkedin sharing some stories from my life.

Yes I have completed 1000 days of writing.

For a person who could not even Do One Thing Surely(DOTS) for a week, I think it has been a life changing experience to say the least.

In the last 3 years I have shared 1300 stories, over 130 million folks have read my stories.

It has been an amazing journey!

I have responded to over a million comments, emails, messages. I have personally spoken to thousands of my readers.

A Storyteller becomes one only when one has readers/listeners/viewers of stories.

Thankyou for reading!

I personally enjoy writing so much that it is my life now 🙂

Several Storytellers have also been born in this beautiful journey!

Big thankyou to all the trollers, it would have never been possible without you. Your comments have made all my posts go viral.

Who says good cant come out of bad !

You are doing a great job please keep going!

Above all thankyou LinkedIn for recognising me as Linkedin Top Voices 2019: India. It has certainly increased the reach of my posts.

P.S: I completed 13,000 hours on Linkedin in the last 3 yrs