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Why WORK FROM HOME does NOT work well in India?

posted on March 17th, 2020

5 Reasons:

1. Working without Supervision – This rarely exists, either the manager is a helicopter manager or employees need supervision. Good employees also get used to working with supervision. Work from home is all about working without supervision. India has a high score of 77 on the Power Distance on the Hofstede’s model. Hierarchy does play a role.

2. Ownership & Initiative – This is a challenge, few employees display this. I remember a leader telling me, if I take an initiative & I fail, I will be fired, so I dont take initiatives. If leaders think this way, imagine what employees would do. Work from home requires both.

3. Time Mgt & being Organised – This is essential while working from home. Most folks struggle with this. Maybe it is cultural. Infact we commonly hear IST is Indian Stretchable Time.

4. Communication – Work from Home requires good communication, many folks are hesitant or not adept at it, hierarchy probably again.

5. Ethics & Integrity – This is most important. How you behave when no one is watching. India ranks 80th in 180 countries on CPI (corruption perception index). Most folks do their personal work when working from home. Professionalism is key.