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“Why most unemployed folks are unable to find jobs”

posted on November 20th, 2019

There are 3 simple reasons we found

1. Skills – Their skills are not relevant in the current market, they are unable to learn new skills. They think they can find jobs without upskilling. The reality is different.

2. Salary – Their salary expectations are based on what they used to get & they are unwilling to take a pay cut or start from scratch.

3. Perception – They start to lose confidence, which plays out in interviews. Their cvs also dont present them in the best way possible. Companies become unsure to pick unemployed folks

Strangely all of these are linked to only the PAST tense.

Think of it as if you were beginning your career from scratch NOW

“What would you do?”

A year back we were trying to help a candidate who had been sitting at home for a year. It was a good role we had for him.

His first question was

“My PAST company used to provide me with work from home, cab facility, meals, will I get these.”

We were left speechless. We dropped his candidature.

I got a message from him recently he said he it has been 2 yrs he still hasnt found a job, he is now open to joining anywhere at any salary.

What do you think?

Should one look at opportunities based on the past?