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“Why have you mentioned FAILURE in your profile?”

posted on November 22nd, 2019

“It will impact your brand reputation”

A close friend I met after a long time shared with me.

Which made me think how much time do we spend thinking

“What will others think of me?”

I used to also be very concerned about my image. Till I went through a very tough period & realised that once you fail no one wants to be associated with you.

I wrote “FAILURE” in my profile.

Why should I run away from what I am?

The moment I accepted things about myself

My life slowly started to change

I was not afraid anymore

I was willing to fail more

Failure is a beautiful way to grow

We all know

But yet we run away from it


What do you think?

Are you concerned about how others will perceive you?

Is that stopping you from being yourself?

Are you running away from who you are?