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“Why are you always finding faults with things & people around you?”

posted on June 2nd, 2019

I was shaken up when my coach asked me this question.

Since childhood I belonged to this category.

The glass was always half empty for me!

It was so easy for me to point out faults in everything around me.

I could easily see what was missing.

It also gave me pleasure to tell everyone you are not good enough.

Maybe I felt much better knowing that everyone had flaws & I was better than them 🙂

The next question from my coach was

“Are you loving yourself enough?”

As I reflected more on this question,

I wondered:

Maybe it was a convenient way for me to hide my flaws by finding faults in other people. I was not distracting other people but myself.

Maybe the glass was not half empty!

I was half empty!

I was not even willing to accept leave alone love myself !

I finally broke my pattern of negativity.

I also realised I was seeking negativity.

Because that is what I had within me.

As the great Rumi said


Do you also find faults?

Who are you distracting?

Are you loving yourself?

P.S: I still struggle with negativity sometimes

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