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Why applying to JOB POSTINGS WONT land you a job in India?

posted on January 14th, 2020

Most candidates blindly apply to every single job they see, they end up applying to the wrong jobs:(

Let me share 3 methods of hiring for a search firm

1. Job applications: For every job application we get roughly a 1000 cvs, only 10 are shortlisted. When we post on several job portals, repeatedly post this number can go upto 10,000 applicants. It is rare to get a final selection. Probably because the folks who are applying are not skilled enough.

2. Head Hunting: When we headhunt, the results are better, because it is more focussed, for every 100 cvs we shortlist 10 profiles. Also this process is much faster. Closures happen faster.

3. Database & references: This helps get a ready pool of good talent quickly, also most of these are available immediately. It works the fastest.

Now for a recruiter who is pressurised to close positions because the business demands are urgent, what would he do?

He would use job postings as a last resort.

Now what about companies, it is quite the same for them.

This is based on our experience of hiring for a 100 clients

Your thoughts?

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