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Why 90% of CVs get rejected

posted on October 7th, 2019

This has been our experience:

1. Most cvs talk about skills but very few speak about experiences, which is why you need a cover letter. Only one in 10 cvs actually have a cover letter

2. Every third cv we see has typos in it, MS Word has a spell check available pls use it, many cvs are rejected because they are poorly written. Even at senior levels we find issues

3. When applying for a job the cv & cover letter needs to be tailored for every job description. Most people click the apply button, thinking that the company will select them for what they have done

4. Applying without reading the job description. This is the most common reason, folks apply to every job they see, thinking if there is any opening they will be an opening for them

5. Gold plating of cvs is great to get an interview call, but you also need to have the skills stated in the cv. Most of the times we find, people write they know everything on their cv, but the reality is different

6. Spend time in writing your cv, dont outsource it. It is one of the most important part of your candidature. You should be writing your own story. No one knows it better than you. Do research when you are writing your cv


What has been your experience?