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When should you raise money for your startup?

posted on September 8th, 2019

Lets imagine “Going on an Overseas Vacation” as your startup

At the Idea stage?

You only have an idea for a vacation. You start to research for options. Consult your family or friends. You start to make budgets. Finalise who will go for the vacation. You are really excited with the idea to go on a vacation.

At the pre early stage?

You may have frozen your travel plans. But you still dont know if this is the best plan. You start to make tentative bookings. You still dont know if you will go on your vacation. You start to take everyone’s buyin. You start planning for leave.

You apply for visa

At early stage?

You get your visa & finally book your tickets You start to pack your clothes

You start planning your detailed itinerary for everyday

You buy travel insurance

You reach the airport to catch the flight

At growth stage?

You go through security & check in

You are now checked in

The flight is on time

You board the flight

At scale up stage?

The flight takes off

Flight has a smooth landing

You are allowed through immigration & on your way to enjoy your vacation

If you were an investor which stage would you invest in?

Many startups try to raise money at the wrong time