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We received 1000 cvs for an internal opening

posted on August 8th, 2019

Only 100 first level discussions happened

(Because 90% applicants did not have relevant skills)

After 50 second level discussions

10 face to face discussions

We shortlisted/offered one person, who joined.

This is the reality of the Indian market

Some would say lets lower the bar. We remember doing this in our first year of operation. The results were not good. Especially for startups one wrong hire can risk survival.

What we find missing:

1. Values & ethics- most folks dont even understand these leave alone exhibiting them, we were not taught these at school or college

2. Behaviours – This is what makes people successful at work. Learning & growing is the key. How we react & respond changes the result

3. Communication – how we communicate with people at work impacts the results directly.

4. Teamwork – how we work in teams, how we learn from others. This is critical for the growth of the organisation

5. Attitude & energy: This is what attracts amazing things. A good example is when people criticise either their company or manager in interviews. It just shows they are attracting negative energies. Probably because they are the same.