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We are expanding our team at BlewMinds – Believe. Be. Beyond for our Marketing & HR Consulting Verticals at Gurgaon

posted on July 4th, 2019

The behaviours we are looking for:

1. You understand people well, are a good listener, people come to you to share their secrets & you dont judge them

2. You say thankyou often to people around you. You are grateful. You are warm but confident

3. You live by your values & people admire you for walking the talk. You are positive always.

4. You enjoy spending time with yourself, you are self sufficient & help yourself before you help others

5. You have transformed yourself from what you were a few years ago, you are constantly learning & growing effortlessly

6. Your attention to detail is inspiring & you never drop the ball when it comes to communication

7. You are good at learning new languages & enjoy arts

1-3 yrs relevant experience in HR or Marketing is ideal for this role

If you are from LGBTQ+, differently abled, you will be given preference

Qualifications dont matter, attitude towards learning does

Freshers with high EQ & IQ who have completed HR or Marketing internships can also apply

Pls email

Pls spread the word

P.S: Request only suitable candidates to apply, no business proposals please