Susobhan Biswas


Mumbai, India

Vikrant is an MBA in Marketing & International Business from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune. His professional journey has evolved over the past 19 years across banking & media. His passion for sales has driven him across the market spectrum; from grass-root level marketing to big-daddies of corporate world. He has grown from ‘selling Yellow page ads to general stores’ to ‘acquiring large-sized corporate & facilitating payment solutions for vendor payments’. His clients find tremendous help in his engaging consultative approach that simplifies problem statements & enables smooth implementation of solutions.

Vikrant has worn many hats along the way. He has set-up location infrastructure for businesses; recruited, trained & groomed resources including third-party channels to achieve business goals. He has travelled across the length & breadth of the world – right from his early days with his father who served the Indian Armed Forces – to his corporate life when he held the reigns of Cards process at a leading Indian bank in the recent past.

He has been involved in acquiring & servicing businesses across industries of Infrastructure, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Media, Tyres, Insurance & Finance. He has been instrumental in bringing stakeholders together to formulate, establish meaningful processes & systems keeping client needs in mind, which has enabled additional line of revenue ($20+ Mn) for the company & also acted as a boon for clients; at both banks that he served earlier.

He loves a good Cuppa-Coffee-Collaboration conversation! When he is not engaged in client conversations you may find him buried inside a book or watching a movie flick. He also loves to stretch his vocal cords once a while, shake a leg with friends & family. When he’s not travelling, he loves to discover some unique corners of the city & capture it in his DSLR. While he’s at it, he also loves to try the variety of cuisines offered in the multi-cultural hub of Mumbai, India. Vikrant also believes in the power of spiritualism & its positive impact on our lives. He also volunteers with GiveIndia Foundation for causes of Education, Poverty alleviation & Healthcare.