Vibha Menon



Gurgaon, India

Vibha has a Graduation in History from Delhi University, India. She is very academically inclined, loves to pick new skills on the go & is also currently pursuing a Masters Program in History.

Post her Bachelors, she decided to take the road less traveled. All her life, she has been in search of challenges that melt & mould her into a better human each day. She has strong belief in her core values & loves helping others. She’s a giver, a highly organized & self driven individual.

She is in the journey of mastering the art of balancing diverse projects since childhood in her own ways; has found equilibrium between proactive commercial activities & reactive client enablement.

Her creativity reflects in her passion for singing, drawing & scribbling poetry. She is into Creative Arts & also has a Post Diploma in Bharatanatyam, a renowned form of Indian dance.

She believes in positivity, is highly optimistic, a firm believer that belief & faith yields what one desires. Vibha loves to keep learning, toying with traditional concepts blending them with today’s ideas & putting out something that can help change the world.

Simply put, Vibha is less talk, more do.