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How to upgrade your skills for the future

posted on November 22nd, 2018

5 simple ways

1. Intern in the area you want to work in, that is what Steven Spielberg did

2. Job shadow in the area you want to in your organisation, go meet up with people who work in that area, start learning from them

3. Volunteer for projects in your company along with your regular job, start learning and applying in the area you want to

4. Volunteer with a startup and begin working, it is ok even if they dont give you money, infact even better you are employed only at one place. once you learn the skill they may hire you or someone else will

5. Start learning on your own, pick a dummy or live project and begin, you dont need to setup a company you can do it independently as well

I knew a person who did a normal job in the day, at night he worked on another job to build his skills. He was never fired in any job 🙂

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