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Understanding the Customer Journey

posted on November 24th, 2019

A beautiful example I experienced in Thailand.

I was ordering a Taxi using the Grab mobile app

After the Taxi was booked I saw the pickup point had a link, when I clicked on the link I saw a detailed step by step directions with images to guide me to the pickup point.

(Refer to image in comments)

It was so easy, I felt as if someone was with me helping me. The interesting part was the images were current. I found my pickup point easily.

It was wonderful to see someone had understood the customer journey. There was empathy that I experienced as well towards a visitor from some other country.

It was a wow moment for me!

No wonder Grab has done so well in Thailand.

I wish Ola (ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd) and Uber can implement this in India 🙂


How important is understanding the customer journey?

What role does empathy play in this process?

Is it dependent on culture?