Our Strengths lie in understanding markets, organizational contexts of our client, offering what makes pragmatic business sense to them & also gently nudging them towards thinking differently. As a Team, we bring in more than 3 decades of combined experience of diverse environments, corporations & industries. This Global experience helps us work with clients by speaking a language that they understand & enabling them to think ahead (Feet on Street & Feed Forward Methodologies). We work around building faith, retaining market credibility, eliminating non productive gaps, banishing non efficient leaks & accordingly guiding progress. Our strengths lie in making meaning out of nothing & in drawing our unprecedented insights from experiences, seemingly impossible metaphorical connects to our Soul Purpose, Sweet Spots, Inner calling, Unconscious & Leadership. We deploy iconoclastic Concepts including nontraditional eLearning, Arty Leadership, ArdhNareshwar, Alcoholic Leadership, Fit Leadership, Fragrant Leadership, Naked Leadership, Wicked Leadership & Soul Leadership. Our conventionality of Coaching methodologies range from a Mythology connect to Neurosciences, Behavioral Sciences, Appreciative Enquiry, Psychometrics, Whole Brain Theory, Music, Arts, Theatre, Outbound Learning, Experiential Learning, Virtual Reality, Premier League, Adventure Training, Gamification to Laboratory Training. We enable individuals to dip into their hidden creative sides & unleash the potential contained within. We really subscribe to the fact that today is a world of ‘Death by Powerpoint’; we need to have more sustainable tools which help in learning retention across levels & geographies. These interventions really get participants intrigued about processes, enhance productivity & creativity within. We also bring forth sustained learning through our other interventions like Lessons from Movies, Paintball, Laser Tag or Xbox.