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Udhhav Arora


Udhhav Arora is a 21-year-old final year Computer Science engineer. He hails from the Holy City of Amritsar, India, is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s from SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Chennai.

Udhhav is a keen learner & an avid lover of technology, who looks forward to working as a Data Scientist eventually. Being someone who’s attached to ‘desi’ home food, he’s been fuelled to work on various projects during the 2020 pandemic & has honed innumerable skills, while also acquiring some completely new ones. When he wasn’t busy watching football matches, he went ahead & designed his own website portfolio.

Besides being a techie, Udhhav is also a die-hard aerophile. If it were not for computers, he would have probably been a pilot; which is why, if you see Udhhav on his phone under a calm, blue sky, he is probably tracking a flight whilst simultaneously feeding himself information about new technologies in aviation.

Since we are talking about what is dear to Udhhav, a word which comes super close to airplanes is “Leo”. That is the name of his pet Labrador who’s been a constant companion since Udhhav’s middle school days. Having Leo by his side has made Udhhav value animal lives as much as humans, for which he is also a strong advocate.