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There are 4 types of Employees:

posted on October 3rd, 2019

1. Players : These are folks who go about easily doing their jobs, they deliver without much fuss. Their attitude is positive & their energy levels are high.

2. Deadwood: These are ones who neither exit the organisation nor change themselves. They have a negative attitude & low energy levels.

3. Spectators: They only watch what is happening around them, they are least bothered & dont want to take sides. They have a positive attitude but low energy.

4. Cynics: They actively go about creating problems in the organisation. Their attitude is negative but possess high energy levels

Credits: Energy Investment model by Claude Lineberry

Now if Linkedin network were an organisation, let us apply this model

1. Players would be networkers or content creators, engagers or active job seekers?

2. Spectators would be folks who view everything but dont do anything

3. Deadwood would be the ones who are not learning or changing themselves, they are the same as they were

4. Cynics are Trollers who find faults; the interesting part is they make posts go viral. So this model clearly fails here, they make positive impact here


Who do you see around?

What about you?