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The Summer of 1997. We would go to a Movie Theatre stand in a queue for 2-3 hrs, get front row movie tickets at 6 Rs :)

posted on June 22nd, 2019

I had little money then, Rs 6 was my budget for a few months.

After the movie started, the ticket checker who had become our friend, would take us to the balcony to watch it. I wondered why he was so kind to us 🙂

Movies were the only way I could dream because reality was far from it. The movie theatre was air conditioned. Where I lived we had no power through the night in the 40 degrees celsius heat. So the AC theatre was like heaven & even after the movie ended I never wanted to go back to reality:)

My dad had lost his job & his savings in business.

My reality was a 6*6 feet room with a sheet roof with no windows. Mornings I got to see the sunrise because I had to stand in a queue for water, there was even a queue for the toilet.

I would wait for every sunrise, smile at the sun, in the hope that life would change one day.

And Life finally changed one day:)

Tough Times are a blessing, they make us grow & be grateful.

Why not welcome Tough Times?

Why fight them & be unhappy?


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