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The other day I was meeting a CHRO of a large organisation.

posted on January 8th, 2020

She introduced herself by saying

“I head the HR function of this organisation”

While we were talking, an HR trainee walked into the meeting room.

She was an MBA from a good business school in India.

The trainee asked the CHRO a question

“Mam where can I find the employee database, I am unable to find it”

The CHRO yelled at her and said

“You dont even know this, how dumb you are”

I was zapped.

HR stands for Human Resources, but strangely as we started to use the acronmyn we started to forget the Human element in it.

Sadly most HR folks have reduced themselves to just “Resources” by just forgetting they are human beings. They also forgot that they are working with & for human beings.

I feel the primary role of an HR professional is being human.

What do you think?

Love to hear your thoughts?

How have you experienced HR folks?