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The Major Causes of Deaths (with numbers) in the World in 2020

posted on March 16th, 2020

6515 : Corona Virus

84375 : Malaria

135416: Common cold

160416 : HIV

166666 : Suicide

281250 : Road Accidents

312500: Tuberculosis

333333: Diabetes

345833: Diarrhoea

625000 : Alcohol

1479166 : Smoking

2000000 : Cancer

3729166: Heart attacks

Source: WHO

56 Million people die in the world every year.

Strangely there is so much noise around Corona Virus.

Even common cold has 20 times more numbers:)

An estimated 38 million people are suffering from HIV currently. No one is talking about them. Maybe it is old news.

Which makes me wonder why?

Probably it is the disease of the season.

Am I missing something here?

Probably it should be named as “Fear Virus” we are spreading it faster than it actually is.


P.S: Passive smoking kills 600,000 people a year 🙂