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The day I not just failed but chickened out!

posted on August 6th, 2019

I was always a topper at school

I studied through the night because I was scared of failing

This insecurity only grew as I grew up

Engineering was very hard for me

I just could not manage

Probably it was my dyslexia (I never knew about it) or my fear of failure

Then it happened one day

Yup I knew I would fail so I chickened out

I did not appear for my exams

And I also failed

Next few years were tough

I could not understand why even after studying 18 hours a day I would fail

I went into depression & contemplated suicide but chickened out there as well

I somehow cleared my engineering with 58% marks which meant none of the good firms would hire me

I felt I would be a failure for life

But every cloud has a silver lining

The “Industrial Management” pass result inspired me to study at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore🙂

I realised later failure is temporary

Are you also feeling insecure?

Are you fearing failure?

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