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The 5 biggest TRAPS where I got stuck everytime.

posted on March 29th, 2019

1. FOMO- Fear of missing out: What if I miss out on the opportunity? Greed to get what I dont have without much effort. Not wanting to put in the thousands of hours to get there.

2. Fear of Failure: What if I fail? Fear of failure or losing what I have. Unable to let go.

3. Am I good enough or What will others think of me, unable to love myself

4. Moving from Thinking to doing, or Doing to thinking. Unable to focus on or choose ONE thing. Unable to reflect on actions, unlearn and learn.

5. Living in the past or future, unable to put my 100 percent only on the present.

Each of these traps set me back by at least a few Years. Yeah just imagine. What you can achieve without these traps

Where are you getting stuck?

What is stopping you?

Love to hear your thoughts!