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The 3 things that stopped me from living my dreams for several years:

posted on August 4th, 2019

1. FEAR of losing what I had – It had taken decades to get to where I had, I was afraid to give it up. What if I failed – I would be labelled as a failure. I had failed badly earlier I did not want to be laughed at again

2. GREED: I wanted more of what I did not have. I would label it as ambition but it was greed. The difference between greed & ambition was a thin line I had crossed

3. PROCRASTINATION: Moving from thinking to Doing. I would spend more time thinking, there was inertia to move into Action. Probably LOGIC was my biggest barrier. I was also spending a lot of time thinking about my past & future

As I started to take action. Slowly the Fear went away. I started to enjoy what I was doing. I felt satisfied, that is when the greed went away too.

I also realised

“Logic has 2 parts one part will always fail you”

I stopped thinking about the past & future, started to live in present this gave me immense happiness

I slowly started to stop consuming & started creating

I became a writer!

What is stopping you from making your dreams come true?

Where are you stuck?

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