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The story of the sea Turtle

posted on June 13th, 2018

Years ago a meteor fell, all Dinosaurs died

But the sea Turtle survived

So slow, so small

Yet the Turtle stood tall

Maybe it hid in the water till time could tell

Maybe it curled itself in its hard shell

It needed little energy to live another day

As if to say I will find a way

It could swim 10 thousands of miles a year

Without shedding a tear

It does not matter how small you are

It does not matter how slow you are

All that matters is

“When you give up”

Ask the Dinosaur and he will say

Live your life the Turtle way

And One day you will survive for others to say !

“Will the real Turtle please stand up”

Not that he can but he can still try harder

To live another day 🙂

Dont ever give up!

Who knows you may be the Turtle that survives the Dinosaur !

Live the Turtle way of Life !