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The Story of 5 Envelopes Each of them Enveloped me!

posted on June 11th, 2018

Envelope 1:

Letter from the bank which let my parents move into their own home, they finally had their own space, my mom cried that day

Envelope 2:

Offer letter to study in my dream school I checked it many times, just in case it was fake, I could not imagine how after so many failures I finally achieved my dream 🙂

Envelope 3:

It was a scholarship from the worlds best university for my best friend and wife, it was a miracle, it came within 24 hours of my mom passing away.

Envelope 4:

It was a letter that said Thankyou for donating your deceased mother’s eyes 2 people in the world can see again through her eyes

Envelope 5:

A letter which was our first customer contract It was emotional, the journey of our startup had begun

These 5 envelopes sum up my life !

What are your envelopes in your life that changed your life?

Are you pushing the envelope ?