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“Startups are designed for Failure! Success is an Exception”

posted on November 19th, 2019

I was having a coffee conversation with a successful serial entrepreneur & he so beautifully summed up his startup journey.

There are 3 important lessons he shared

1. Starting early

2. Failing more & Failing fast

3. Learning faster

Interestingly when I started my journey it wasnt early.

I was afraid to Fail leave alone Failing more & Failing Fast

But the last one is what I embraced fully.

To me that is the key.

Most startups fail because the founders just cant learn fast enough.

Interestingly the idea that you start with

May not be the idea that you succeed with

If you are beginning your startup journey

Keep these in mind

Before we finished our meeting he said something interesting

“Success in Business lies in staying in Business”

To me this was the most important lesson.

This is why the first generation entrepreneurs built successful businesses without funding.