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Some good things for India because of the Corona Virus Outbreak:

posted on March 20th, 2020

1. The global sourcing & supply chain may move from China to India. It is a good opportunity for India.

2. The pollution has clearly gone down, we are breathing clearer air.

3. Our preparedness for a pandemic is being tested with a much milder disease. It will prepare us better for the future.

4. Sadly our demographic dividend may help us, all the 3 folks who passed away are above 60 years.

5. It is a wake up call for India especially for hygiene. It may push us to become “Swachh Bharat”. I see everyone washing hands several times a day now.

6. It is also a wake up call for smokers, they are the most vulnerable, Corona virus goes for the lungs. Tobacco chewers also get to realise their impact of spitting. Infact sale of tobacco has been stopped in Thane.

7. India was known for its strong family ties, probably Corona virus will help get families closer.

8. March is the toughest month for all corporates in India, for the first time everyone will get rest. We are also learning work from home.

On a lighter note:

Holidaying abroad isnt cool anymore, people have stopped posting their holiday pics on social media:)