Anoop Sajjan

Sanvi Mahi

Research Intern

Sanvi is a simple, passionate, loving & hardworking young lady based in Delhi NCR. Driven by compassion, she believes in never settling down for less & is always open to learning. She happily looks for inspiration in everyone she meets & focuses on living a life full of experiences.

Sanvi completed her Graduation from Delhi University, India in Psychology & further proceeded for her Masters in Psychology from Amity University, India. She aspires to be a successful psychologist.

Her area of interest lies in working with employees & focusing on organisation change & development. She believes in transforming Organisation Cultures throughout the world in small yet powerful ways. She is a certified counsellor & believes in the power of Self-work & Self-awareness.

She is a workaholic, never misses an opportunity to discover & transform. She is a spiritualist & believes in the magic of universe. In her free time, she loves baking, journalising, dancing & meditating.