Sanjeet Kaur

Sanjeet Kaur


Delhi NCR, India

Sanjeet is an interesting combination of wanting her own space yet being the extrovert that she is. She loves to travel, interact with people & continually learn.

She loves being in business quite literally, as a Sales & Business Growth person she cherishes her meetings & relationships as she catches up with people across the globe who have always left her with life altering experiences. She believes that in life nobody is perfect & she is in the quest to get wiser by gaining knowledge from people around her.

She has a Major in psychology & has worked in Singapore for 11years till India came calling again.

She adores her little one who is 1.5 years old & looks forward to growing with her.

Sanjeet is always ready to face challenges in life as she thinks tough situations help her grow & spread her wings. She is a huge believer of the ‘Secret’ framework & she has been in the journey of manifesting her desires. Her favorite quote of life is ‘Never give up on a dream just because of the time that this dream will take to come true’.

You cannot miss Sanjeet’s optimism, heart warming smile & quiet dogged persuasion skills.