Anoop Sajjan

Sandhya Jaishankar

Research Intern

She may come off as just another humorous girl next door, however there is way more to the very deep unassuming Sandhya. With her ever curious mind & immaculate work ethics, Sandhya loves to learn more about almost everything that relates to the human mind & behaviour. Easy-going, helpful, sincere with great interest in food, Sandhya’s sense of humour runs through all aspects of life, which aids her in staying sane.

A Graduate in Psychology from the University of Delhi, India, Sandhya aspires to become a Behaviour Analyst eventually, to help people in need of these unaffordable services. Her internships with various other organisations have helped her understand, gauge intricacies involved in the thought process, perceptions of individuals, why they behave the way they do & what could be their possible triggers.

Apart from her passion for Psychology, Sandhya is a trained Carnatic Vocalist, with an association of over 15 years with vocal music. While music energises her, art work gives her immense peace & happiness. She loves being close to nature, reading fiction & fantasies, she believes it is self-care of the best kind.