Delhi, India

Ritu calls herself a maverick, a dreamer & an eternal optimist.

Transforming something ordinary into something super gives Ritu tremendous excitement in life. A hardcore dreamer, she does not fear dreaming or giving up whatever to follow her dreams. This was the reason why she quit a very well paid & stable job after spending around 8 years in Finance, because she believed that she had a dream & that she needed to pursue it. She chased her instinct & followed it. This never dying spirit of hers is what separates her from others.

Over the years of working with so many people with different organizations, she has developed a keen mindset for discovering each person’s special talent, skills & passion. She is a person who wants to reach her goals & is hungry for action to make an impact. A person who believes we have just one life to make a difference, a person who wants to learn & accomplish many things before she moves away from this realm, Ritu aspires for challenges, looks forward to the excitement & learning that difficult things bring into our lives.

She has experimented with life & been a risk taker. After pursuing her BA (Hons) in International Relations & Political Science from Delhi University, India with distinction & a Gold Medal, she went on to doing her MBA (Finance). She then worked in the Financial sector with renowned Financial Services organizations. Her dreamy self, woke up one day & realized that she is meant for stuff beyond Finance. She figured that she is a People’s Person who is deeply passionate about touching People’s Lives, that she derives deep fulfillment from questioning the status quo, changing the way people think & shaking mindsets that govern our daily lives.

You cannot miss her passionate eyes, her energy & endless enthusiasm.