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Are you posting for the sake of posting?

posted on January 1st, 2018

This is a question I ask myself each time, before I make a post.

Initially when I started to post on linkedin I used to just post for the sake of it.

I continued this for a long time. The result was it was not impactful. Thankfully the one good thing I did was I never tagged people in my posts, only few people read my not so good content 🙂

There is always the temptation to post something because we want to be seen as someone posting content regularly, and tagging influencers.

But the content has to be ORIGINAL, IMPACTFUL and the INTENT is very important.

Just think of it, if my intent is to become a linkedin influencer then my content will be heavily influenced by that thought. Because in my head I am already thinking perfection which I am not 🙂

Readers are intelligent they figure out the intent sooner than we think !

Are you posting for the sake of posting?

What is your intent?

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