Shubham Sharma

Intern (Advisor)

Shubham hails from the picturesque small city Bhilai which is located in Chhattisgarh, India. He is CMA USA qualified & a BCom Honors graduate.  

He started his writing journey as a process to understand himself, in that process found a way to connect others with his words. He eventually took his writing on a professional level, published his first book titled “Everyone Deserves a Second Chance” & was voted the second most liked book in TCK’s Readers’ Choice Award 2019. 

He enjoys numbers, quantifiable concepts & breathes finance. He also enjoys gaming in his leisure as it helps him recharge his brain & aids his clear thinking. 

A strong believer in spirituality, he loves to spend his free time learning about “LIFE” & also constantly tries to help others to understand the worth of it. 

“Everything affects everything” is something he believes in & takes his actions accordingly.