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One of the simplest Tedx talks on COVID-19

posted on March 19th, 2020

For me the takeaways are:

1. Humans have treated mother earth badly enough, now we are reaping the fruits

2. Quarantine & Travel restrictions may only postpone the inevitable, but cant resolve the problem. Building better healthcare systems globally is the only solution.

3. COVID-19 has come from animals, important for us to relook at how we interact with animals & how we have been slaughtering them

4. More such pandemics are in store for us if we dont change ourselves.

5. Only 20% of the infected patients will need hospitalisation, however our healthcare globally cant support this.

6. Washing your hands regularly, sanitising your phone, not touching your face, basic personal hygiene is the key. Face masks are not to be used by everyone only for healthcare providers & sick people. Quit smoking if you are a smoker.

7. COVID-19 is generally very mild, so no need to panic, just take precautions.

Maybe it is time “To become Human again”

A must watch: