Anoop Sajjan

Nidhi Tayal

Research Intern

On a first impression, Nidhi is a seemingly quiet girl until you get to know her, you will then realize, she is friendly, very warm, kind & approachable. She is a recent Masters Graduate with MSc in International Management & Global Business from the University of Limerick, Ireland.

She is a first-class honours B.Com Honours graduate from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, India & completed her schooling from Gurgaon, India where she has been living for the last 16 years. Her professional interest lies in Human Resources & Marketing Management. She has a passion for music, dancing, swimming & gaming to name a few.

She is a huge Fortnite fan, loves to play & stream in her free time. She is also fond of travelling, experiencing new cultures & most importantly food. She is also fuelled by her passion for important topics that need more attention such as the environment, LGBTQ+, women’s rights to name a few.