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posted on January 6th, 2020

This was a pattern I was stuck in for years.

PICK: I was confused what to PICK in life, choices & confusions. There was no clarity. My mind wanted me to pick all, there was greed. There was also fear which one to pick. What if I fail. I wanted to pick the best choice. Only later I learnt there is no best choice.

STICK: Once I Picked something I was unable to stick to it, I would give up soon. There was also FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. Greed played out. Sticking to one thing was boring. Progress was slow, I wanted instant results. Which is why most entrepreneurs give up after failing once.

In the last 4.5 years I learnt my lessons the hard way 🙂

1. PICK anything based on your interest or strength. It does not matter what you pick. Start from anywhere & move forward. We all need a starting point.

2. But then STICK to it even if you fail. DOTS (DO ONE THING SURELY). Keep Learning & Growing from every failure. Sometimes success may come in areas you cant imagine. Also the wrong choices will lead us to the right choices. So the wrong choices are very important for us to grow.

Where do you get stuck?


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