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My favourite Story of 2018 The story I tell myself each time I fail

posted on December 28th, 2018

“The horse will fly”

Birbal, court jester of King Akbar, spent a lot of time with his new horse, this irked Akbar. When Birbal missed a meeting in the court, he gave the excuse of his horse. Akbar told him that if his horse was so good then he has to make the horse fly, failing which he will behead Birbal. Birbal asked for one year time. Akbar agreed. Birbal’s friends asked him how will he make the horse fly in one year. Birbal responded in one year – “Akbar may die, Birbal may die, horse may die or the horse will fly.”

I extended this story:

After a year when Akbar called him, Birbal said he can make the horse fly but only if akbar can verify in the presence of the court. Akbar agreed. Birbal took everyone to a steep cliff & said “The horse is ready to fly off the cliff into the valley, my king pls ride it”. Akbar realised his folly, and said “I dont need to test I am sure your horse will fly”.

Do you know that your horse will fly?

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