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“My english is bad, people laugh at me, How can I improve? I want to find a good job”

posted on January 23rd, 2019

I got this message 4 months back from an mba student studying in a good business school in India.

I shared with him the following things to do

1. Read an english newspaper loudly for an hour everyday

2. Watch english news, english channels, english movies everyday

3. Write regularly in english preferably a few pages everyday. Use a pen & paper.

4. Talk to all your friends, family & fellow students in english everyday

5. Try to start thinking in english everyday

I just received a note from him that he did these steps reguarly for the last 4 months & his english has improved and he is feeling more confident.

Small steps done regularly yield amazing results over time.

This process works like magic for anything.

Pls try this at home.

Start with a small step & then do it everyday. You can improve on anything. Thats how the baby learns to walk 🙂

If you do it for a year you will become amazing at it.

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