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My biggest MISTAKE as a Job seeker

posted on September 27th, 2019

Each time I flunked an interview I did one common mistake

I would do all the right things

1. Preparing for the role by going through the job description

2. Reading up on the organisation

3. Brushing up my skills & experiences

4. Infact I would do a mock interview with myself before i went for every interview

But there was one thing I missed preparing

Understanding my interviewer

1. What is he/she looking for

2. What is his/her preferred style of communication

3. What is his/her background

If you can get into the psyche of an interviewer you can easily crack an interview

An interview is subjective and a lot about perceptions

For example a simple technique that can be used is mirroring the interviewer in terms of energy, communication style, body language

It works like magic

A high emotional quotient is all you need

How quickly you can pick up the unsaid

I remember I used to focus so much on myself that I missed focussing on the interviewer

An interview is an energy exchange between 2 people. If the exchange happens well, then both want to take it forward.

How do you prepare for interviews?