April, May, June 2018: I am Woman(iaW)


I am Woman (iaW) – Woman Only RoundTables & Finding Yourself Discovery Workshops

A Woman – Who am I?

I am like the dot on the ‘i’. I believe in myself, I embellish another, I take my role seriously. I give power & exclamation to ordinary things. I birth lives. I work towards growing & nurturing. I want to support, give & offer. But Who am I? Do I know who I am beyond all the roles I perform? Do I know how to embellish myself?

I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves” – Mary Shelley, Novelist.

Living in a world that comes with its gender based rules might be acceptable; breaking shackles & carving a path might be challenging, but not impossible. Add to this the complexities of managing various roles, a home, career, friendship &above all self! Why cannot a Woman have it all?

The “I am Woman” program subtly touches aspects of our lives that are still not in the mainstream. It opens a forum to express, it provides a channel to talk, it activates self-help, it generates thoughts & ideas to excel. Through this program we aim to create a tribe of women who are Leaders in their own right irrespective of their backgrounds, careers, personal family based choices or anything else. It aims to build up a Powerful Woman who will nurture, understand, offer support on existential & work related challenges.

I am Woman is a platform & also a forum for conversations, experimenting, sharing, discovering, learning & un-learning, where we all “grow to grow”, bond & become the best versions we can be. With iaW we hope to rise & raise the vibes of our tribe.


Explore the known & the unknown.


Be the leading lady of your life.


Self & the tribe.


Life stories from experience.


The bond with yourself.


Receive, Give & Spread.