Management Consulting – Analytics, Business, Technology

We bring together our eclectic experience, subject matter expertise to provide simple, practical & commercially viable solutions to assist management skills of our clients in fields of Analytics, Business & Technology. Our strength lies in understanding Values & Culture of organizations, thereby speaking a language that they understand & enabling them to think ahead. We work around building faith, retaining market credibility, eliminating non-productive gaps, banishing non efficient leaks & accordingly guiding progress which are crucial for effective management.

We consult across B2B, B2C & B2E markets working as Partners for small enterprises, large organizations & also universities across the Globe. We deep dive into client requirements, pivotal for iconic management of organization, culture, expectations & much more to be able to pin down right fitment. As we aim to bridge gaps between client & talent, we also partner with each of them to be able to transition smoothly into workplaces & roles to create a win- win situation.

We provide analytics services (Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive) in the following fields:






Our capabilities range across data collection, data modelling, Statistical analysis, Robotics Process Automation & Data visualisation.


  • Human Resources

    • Attrition
    • Performance Management
    • Compensation Benchmarking
    • Learning Impact Analytics

  • Outsourcing

    • Vendor Performance Management
    • Invoice Management – Invoice verification & reporting analytics
    • Pricing Analytics – Price optimisation & customisation

  • Customer Analytics

    • Customer segmentation – risk, loyalty, delight
    • Offers & discount analytics
    • Persona creation & Psychographic mapping

  • Project Risk/Reward Analytics


  • Operations Analytics

    Budget vs Forecast vs Actual comparative analytics (Descriptive & Predictive)

  • Data Visualisation

    • Intelligent Dashboard Building
    • Storytelling through data analytics
    • Decision making through data analytics
    • Dashboard customisation


Business Consulting


Want to scale up your successful business?

  Want to grow & renew rapidly?

Want to strategize different lines of business?

     Have a super business idea that you want to wisely implement for long term growth & innovation?

  Seek an expert opinion on your start up product before pitching it to VCs?

Or, wish to move your business from red to green?


We, at BlewMinds help people with end to end business growth Strategy, Advisory & Solutioning on how can they start & expand their business, while avoiding potentially fatal mistakes in management. We also provide simple, practical & commercially viable business solutions to larger organizations on options & practices that could make their output more profitable.

Business Management & Consulting for us, is all about getting organizations from x to 100x or more. It is about getting them to scale, transform & grow through their Human Capital renewal. We provide management & simplistic business consulting to help organizations improve performance, efficacy, efficiency & analyse businesses to create sustainable solutions; all this with a firm eye on being human, practical, authentic & real. We help clients meet their Big Hairy Audacious Goals by providing a new perspective as effective Change catalysts for their companies.

We offer expertise in a specific market, understand & identify problems, support existing mechanisms & staff, get the ball rolling on an executive decision, manage redundancies, revive an organization, put together an executable plan for a new business, aid in a powerful business plan for growth, help bring about a new forward looking Culture, mission or merely get operations in place to set up seamless management processes & strategies.

Within the Business Consulting space, we provide following services:

Go to market strategy – Competitor analysis, Market Research, Customer Acquisition

Product Pricing – Price modelling & Scenario analysis for competitive pricing vs new product pricing

People Framework Designing & implementation

Cost Optimisation – Leakage identification & optimisation

Project Management

Product Management

Post-Merger Change Management

Process Reengineering – Process Gap identification & re-designing

Top Line/Bottom Line Scaling-up Strategies by identifying the growth drivers

Market expansion strategies

Technology Consulting

Technology has quickly transitioned from being considered a cost function to becoming a vital competitive advantage for organizations today. Organizations which harness the power of technology & digitization to drive their business strategy will gain an advantage over competitors in their industry sectors.

Today’s Information Technology (IT) Leaders have to tread a fine balance of keeping the lights on in their technology landscape, while at the same time providing the right technology strategy & innovation to keep the business competitive. Given the speed of technology advancement today, IT leaders can quickly be overcome by the monumental task of being operational wizards & creative innovators at the same time BlewMinds Technology Consulting fills precisely this need for IT leaders & Business decision makers to effectively assess, incorporate, maximize technology to drive strategic business goals & unlock business value.

Our Advisory services are focussed on four major areas that organizations irrespective of size, from humble bright startups to large well established businesses, are challenged with today.

BlewMinds brings its years of collective IT experience across multiple domains of IT Infrastructure, Applications, IT Operations, IT Processes & People to guide, mentor, coach, provide solutions & create possibilities. Our consultants take a business-first approach to technology decisions, maximizing the potential of technology to unlock business value and transform your business.

From Technology Strategy to Digital Transformation, Competency Building to IT Leadership Development, BlewMinds Technology Consulting is your perfect partner for Strategic IT engagement.