A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, shows the way (John C. Maxwell). We believe that every individual has the capability within to become a Leader irrespective of Career stage, Life Stage, Hierarchies or Experience. We aid our Coachees to harness this latent inner potential for larger successes. We Coach HiPos across levels, Mid Managers & Senior Leaders. We work with CXOs, Board level members & key Leadership of organizations to partner with them in their journey of inner transformation. We work on the oncological levels of Be & Being around sustainable inner transformation. We Group Coach & Personal Coach individuals & teams for better collaboration & self-awareness. Our Oxford Frameworks & Tools are based on a Strengths approach; overcoming one’s fears, stereotypes & past baggage for better productivity. Our Coaching academia is based on a long term journey of growth & transformation spread over a term of 6-9 months & we deploy self-reflective unconventional tools for scientific validation. We spearhead a Methodology termed the ‘Leadership Marathon’ where we work with Leaders across levels & years of experience to help them last a Marathon on congruence & consistency rather than run a short term sprint where they burn out faster or end up indulging in error prone business decisions. BlewMinds does not refer to Leadership as mere ‘Titular Leadership’ – it talks about ‘enabling, empowering, driving, making-results-happen kind of Leaders’. It is about that role of responsibility, capability, charm & competencies which help individuals transform themselves to be powerful from within. To enable leaders to have a more productive long-term success rather than a short term purpose toward life, which may lead to a burnout, we coach & consult in areas of leadership such that when they return to work, they create more leaders in the workplace. We build Leaders of congruence at personal spaces & also at workplaces. Some of our Flagship & Signature Leadership products, interventions or services are driven by Global collaborations with renowned Indian Celebrities with a cause, Global Speakers, Artists, Soul Coaches, Award Winning Actors, successful & grounded Sports persons. We base such interventions on powerful Global Models, Leadership frameworks & unconventional sustainable conceptual learning experiences. Leadership Consulting for us encompasses Leadership Strategy, Advisory, execution & Coaching of Leadership teams. It is about building a positive Cultural mindset & artifacts in their Leadership.