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“Jobs are offered to people known to hiring managers or to HR, there is favouritism”

posted on October 4th, 2019

I have seen several folks on linkedin mentioning this.

Is there truth in this?

Of all the jobs I got in my career, 50% of them I was referred by someone to HR or to the hiring manager. In only one case I actually knew the hiring manager, strangely enough I had the maximum interviews in that organisation.

Internal referrals are one of the most common and reliable sources for hiring for an organisation. In some organisations it will be as high as 30-50%.

I have seen several managers hiring people they know. They feel it is safer or easier to work with people they know. Infact I came across several people who carry their teams along as they move jobs. Their logic may also be why change the winning combination.

So if you are not well networked you will for sure miss out on opportunities. Whether favouristism is at play we would not know for sure. Its all about how we view it.

How have you found your jobs?

Have you seen favouritism playing out in the hiring process?

Does networking give an advantage?

What are you doing about it?