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Is MBA a waste of time & money?

posted on September 29th, 2019

Just recently I got a chance to Interview an MBA.

He was a computer science graduate from one of the best engineering colleges in Bangalore & had just completed an MBA from one of the top colleges in Mumbai.

Had opted for an HR specialisation, very few companies came, hence could not land a job through campus interviews.

As I interviewed him, asked him basic questions from his MBA specialisation, he got all the answers wrong.

He had no working experience hence had little clue of what happens in the real world.

This person had a top 500 All India ranking in all the entrance exams. Now imagine what would be the case of average students

Which made me wonder why dont people work for a few years before doing their MBA?

It is like trying to become a pilot without flying

In most other countries work experience is mandatory for admission to an mba

Strangely more than 90% of the MBA graduates from India are unemployable

Some blame the quality of education, some blame the job market, some blame the population

It is a no brainer, it is the greed of the students (parents) looking for managerial jobs without ever working. The MBA colleges know this well enough