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India’s bad loans were 150 Billion $ in 2018, 50% of our budget. We may end 2019 with 50 Billion $ of bad loans

posted on January 5th, 2019

India probably survived the worst crisis without the world even coming to know about it. Infact many of us never came to know

To put things in perspective the greece debt crisis was 300 billlion €

Lehman brothers contributed to a 110 billion $ investment in the real estate bubble

90% of the bad loans in india were taken by rich industralists in India, only 5000 ultra rich people took these loans:)

Some of these loans will get waived off sadly

Only 10% are loans taken by farmers.

In the farm loans 10% are from one state in india. Surprising that state is punjab. The state in India that has the richest farmers. Most farm loans are taken by rich farmers. The govt will waive off these farm loans too

This is the tax payers hard earned money

These are approximate numbers but the story is on the wall

Some may see this as a story of greed I see this as a story of hope & change, the worst is over 🙂

How do you see this story?

India is changing, how are you changing?

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