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I was always scared of losing my job I thought what if I never found one

posted on August 5th, 2019

When I became an entrepreneur & failed

I started to look for jobs & my worst fear came true,

I was not able to find one

It was tough, I started to feel the pressure of my responsibilities. The savings went away

I started to get paranoid about money.

The more I did the tougher it became

I remember downgrading my phone & wifi plans to cut down my costs 🙂

As I started to apply for jobs & started to meet people I realised the only deal breaker was money.

I got my first job at 25% my salary.

I became a part time professor in a college. Did not enjoy it much.

As I spoke to startups got offered a cofounders role at 25% my salary.

I tried it for a few weeks but did not enjoy it. I kept trying till the next job I got was at 50% my salary.

That is when I thought, why not start at 0 again

I worked for myself again at 0 salary

I think I began to enjoy paycuts 🙂

The fear went away

I realised when all is lost there is only one way UP:)

Are you not able to find a job?

Have you tried taking a paycut?

Have you tried at 0 salary?

P.S: Most entrepreneurs get paid 0 salary 🙂

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