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“I was a fresh engineer, a company offered me, made me sign a bond for 3000$ if I left before 2 yrs, they told me it was the cost to train me. My salary was 100$ pm.

posted on December 16th, 2018

The company was big, I asked my friends & family, they said go ahead, I took it.I was so happy. It was a big break for me.

When I joined them the work culture was like a prison. It was highly political. I discovered everyone was paid much more than me. My manager was horrible he treated people like labourers. Within 6 months I decided to leave. When I resigned they asked me for 3000$. I refused.

I left them. They gave me no experience letter or relieving letter. They started sending me legal notices. For almost a year they troubled me, I absconded. I made fake experience letters and found a great job.

Did I do the right thing?”

I received this story from a young engineer.

He said if I did not make fake experience letters I would not find a job since I would have to show an employment gap. He continues to show fake experience.

Did he do the right thing?

How would you answer his question?

What would you advise him now?

Would you hire such a person?