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I saw a lot of people at the grocery store, it was quite unusual.

posted on March 15th, 2020

I asked the grocery store owner why was this happening. He said everyone is preparing for a lock down in April, they are preparing for the worst & stocking essentials.

I began to wonder why dont humans prepare for the best. Why cant they think of the amazing miracles that may happen in their lives.

Maybe all logical people are programmed to think worst case. I remember that is how I thought a few years ago. I would think what bad would happen, and strangely it would happen.

I was attracting all the bad things in my life.

I realised only later how I was not allowing miracles to happen in my life.

Being born in this world is a probability of one in 400 trillion.

It is a miracle.

Winning a lottery has a probability of one in 14 trillion.

Yet people are non believers.

Miracles are only for those who believe.

Maybe why miracles happen in the lives of few:)

Fear is also a manifestation of being a non believer.

Do you also think worst case?

Do bad things happen in your life?

Are you fearful?

Have you experienced miracles in your life?